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Teaching in a Block Schedule


Huge rewards can be gained by implementing block scheduling when staff members are prepared to
take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

Insights and Innovations provides half-day to three-day programs or longer that train teachers and administrators in how to create the greatest return for their efforts in a block-schedule format.

Explore Issues and Research Surrounding
Block Scheduling, Including:

  • the history of alternative scheduling – why move to a block? Why now?
  • issues confronting education in relation to the block-scheduling movement
  • research supporting block scheduling and longer periods

Practice Successful Teaching Methods for Longer Periods
(all methods and skills modeled during program)

  • identify day-to-day classroom problems encountered with longer periods
  • develop actual take-home lesson plans
  • learn methods for diagnosing lesson pacing within a block schedule format
  • identify the conditions under which student attention spans are increased - and build them into
    your lessons

Identify Curriculum and Organizational Issues Encountered
When Implementing a Block Schedule

  • curriculum development for longer periods and shorter semesters
  • organizational needs and typical conflicts found in implementation of a block schedule
  • how to use time more effectively
  • successful methods for introducing students, parents, and staff to a new schedule

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Block Scheduling and Pacing:


Longer periods can be a catalyst for success, and scheduling around learning needs can result in surprising rewards for teachers and students.

Our services are based on successful practice in several states with dozens of middle and high schools. Offering both fully developed programs and consulting services, Insights and Innovations provides support through the entire change process when implementing a block schedule.

Our services include:

  • programs ranging from half-day awareness workshops to three-day intensives for teachers and administrators
  • ongoing consulting services
  • presentations to the community and school-board members

All services are presented by experienced consultants who have successfully implemented a
block-schedule format.


Topics include:

  • attention and pacing
  • lesson design
  • curriculum development
  • transition planning
  • schedule development
  • reaching parent-staff agreement

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Bill came in loaded for bear – realistic, powerful, and perceptive. This is one of the most positive things ever to happen to our staff. Finally we’re talking together!
    Paula Davis, Teacher El Cerrito High School El Cerrito, CA

Changing my focus from content to the needs of students was a dramatic shift. Bill offered logical, practical responses to every question that was asked of him. Easygoing and always in control, his presentation was very effective.
The smoothness of our transition will reflect his caring.
    Don Bainum, Teacher Santana High School Santana, CA

Bill had a thorough idea of what we needed and provided it. I appreciated his practicality and the scope of material he offered. I left with a terrific product: actual lessons I can use and follow in the future. Great job! Too bad parents and board members weren’t here.
    Gayle Hammons, Teacher Sitka High School Sitka, AK

The information was concise, interesting, and fun. Bill involved us in activities that will be useful with students. Excellent training!
    Dean Ford, Teacher East Laurens High School Dublin, GA

Great presentation! Simultaneously lighthearted and respectful of our fears and needs as teachers. Very relevant to actual day-to-day teaching.
    John Patton Calexico High School Calexico, CA

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At Insights and Innovations, our greatest satisfaction is our client's success!

Programs designed to fit your school needs-designed to produce results!

For more information call 800-653-3238 or Phone (530) 776-5604 - Fax (530) 776-5733
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